On this site, you will find a (very small now, but growing!) collection of writings, links to presentations, and ongoing discussion about the Quilt Project, the problems it aims to solve, the solutions it proposes, and the particulars of their implementation.

You can stay informed about Quilt’s progress a number of ways:

  • follow @QuiltProject on Twitter
  • Join the mailing list; FWIW, announcements will be made here first, especially if the concern anything that is resource-constrained (space at a speaking venue, slots in a beta programs, etc)
  • Of course, you can always follow this blog via the RSS feeds and such

Best wishes,

Chas Emerick (@cemerick)

(the quilt shown at the top of this site is cropped from fibonacci rainbow quilt by t_and_cake, licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0)